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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The 20 Universal Laws

What is the Secret? The 20 Universal Laws Explained        
The Secret
What is it?
The Secret is, in the most simplistic of statements, the laws of the universe in action.  It has been known throughout the centuries that if the laws of the universe are set in motion by actions, thoughts and emotions, any individual can obtain that which they desire and unlock the door to a vast treasure that they once only dreamed of.   The most publicized of the Laws of the Universe is the Law of attraction, due to the recent release of "The Secret" and it's  promotion on the Oprah Show.  
To understand and begin to use the Secret in your life it is important to have a basic understanding of the twenty (20) Laws of the Universe.  With gratitude, I offer to you the wisdom obtained through the ages in the following complete list, The Laws of the Universe.
The Twenty (20) Laws of the Universe
Note: The word Actions or Action within the Laws of the Universe is defined as consistent thoughts, emotions, words and deeds, and the motive, desire and intent behind each.
1. The Law of Harmony.  Harmony is a still pond, reflecting clear, the abundance surrounding it and the heavens within its mirrored gaze.  If, by your own actions, you toss a pebble within the pond, you effect the harmony and create ripples that flow back and forth until harmony is restored.  It is said that if your actions are not harmonious with your universal requests you create a similar ripple effect within your life.   You must know and understand that which you desire, to be in harmony with it, in order to take the steps to obtaining it.

2. The Law of Reincarnation and KarmaIt is said that until you have fulfilled your Dharma (deeds) and resolved your Karma you will continue to reincarnate.   We choose for ourselves the lessons that we need in each lifetime, the souls we will share them with often have a history of reincarnation with us.  Understanding this can assist us in connecting to those who are in our lives and those that enter our lives during times we are looking to move forward.

3. The Law of Wisdom.  Wisdom and Knowledge will erase and assist you in resolving your Karma.  Unfortunately, many of us tend to learn our lessons through pain much faster than through love and harmony.  If we are not the ones creating pain through which our lessons can be learned, then there are those who enter our life to exact that pain upon us.  Using the wisdom of love and harmony, being balanced in our efforts to obtain our lessons, we can become enlightened and work towards our goals swiftly by erasing our Karma through our Dharma (our deeds).

4. The Law of GraceIt is in the giving of love, mercy and grace that we receive the same in return from others and from ourselves.  This law can assist you in achieving the balance you seek.

5. The Law of Soul EvolutionRise above your fears, whether they be material, physical or emotional.  By doing so we evolve spiritually, raise our level of vibration and move closer to having harmony.  Through pain and actions (mistakes & failure), wisdom and grace, we learn and through these lessons we approach enlightenment.

6. The Law of Bodhisattva Bodhisattva (Sanskrit term) literally means enlightenment and also refers to Buddha himself in his past lives.  This law teaches us that there are those among us that have transcended earthly needs and incarnations and have chosen to return to teach and support others in their steps towards enlightenment.

7. The Law of Vibrational AttainmentScience today has proven that energy cannot die, it simply reincarnates itself.  We are energy, our bodies contain molecules which orbit each other at specific vibrational rates. This vibrational rate is your souls signature in this life, it represents, on different levels, the amount of past lives you have lived and lessons you have learned.  We are constantly looking to achieve the highest possible vibrational rate, the level of God or the Universe.  We do this through interacting with the Laws of the Universe as though each are lessons we must learn and incorporate them all in our interactions with others and ourselves in life.

8. The Law of Free Will.  This is a three (3) fold law.  

(1.)  If you offer grace and mercy to others, be loving and compassionate and use the lessons of your lives to interact with your life and those around you, you can minimize the amount of pain and disharmony you experience.  It is said that the major events of your life are astrologically (heavenly) predetermined by you.  By your own actions in this life, you can avoid experiences of pain and move forward in your lessons.  Doing this raises your vibrational rate.
(2.)  As you gain a greater understanding of your environment and the atmosphere surrounding all of us, you move through the law of vibrational attainment and detach from negativity by allowing it to flow through you consciously rather than absorbing (either emotionally, mentally or physically) it within you. In doing this you begin to detach from earthly events and begin to use the law of bodhisattva in your current life.
(3.)  Your free will allows you to choose how you respond to each event in your life.  If you choose to approach each event with grace and wisdom and offer love, compassion, and gratitude to others and yourself, it is said that you have learned your karmic lessons and will not experience similar situations in your future.

9. The Law of OneEach of us is connected as a collective (God or Universe) unconscious.  Everything you think, say and do effects the collective.  The goal of the collective (God or Universe) is to increase it's vibrational rate. By acting in harmony, within and outside of ourselves towards others, we work together to increase this collective vibration to achieve a constant.  Think of your interaction with this law as being in an orchestra.  Your instrument must be finely tuned and you must play in accordance to those around you, allowing for the flow of music to be in harmony.

10. The Law of Manifestation Everything in life that has been manifested began as a thought or an idea through an experience.  What you experience in life creates your reality, what you know to be or think to be true.  We experience events in life through our own actions or the actions of those around us.  Our beliefs evolve from these experiences.  If we are unhappy, we can change our beliefs by changing our actions (grace, wisdom, love, compassion, gratitude), hence, we acquire new experiences.  Through the Laws of the Universe you can manifest into your reality anything you desire.  First you must be willing to change your actions.

11. The Law of Conscious DetachmentIn life we may experience suffering from relationships, death of a loved one, health problems, debt, accidents, loneliness, fulfillment and other events or emotions that can be deemed negative. We look to resist these experiences rather than accepting them as they are and allowing them to flow through us rather than absorbing them within.  You may be able to change them to a certain extent, but it is in the wisdom to accept them for what they are that you can detach from them and begin to enjoy the positive flow of life and energy around you.  Doing this will allow for the positive change you are looking for, stop your suffering and lead you towards the outcome, event, emotion or relationship you prefer.

12. The Law of GratitudeIt's simple, the more you give, the more you receive.  What you give to others will inevitably return to you. In the Law of One we learn that our actions assist in the vibration of the collective conscious and in the Law of Reincarnation and Karma we must use wisdom to move forward through our lessons to obtain a higher vibrational rate for ourselves.  By giving to others that which we desire, we can achieve the like in our lives.

13. The Law of Fellowship. In our awareness of the power that our vibrations create, we come to an understanding that by adding to that power we can achieve a greater result or outcome.  It is through our connection with those whose vibrational rate is similar to our own that we can do the most good or attain our desires swifter.  Combining your energy with one or more people who have a shared purpose can manifest that which you desire faster and with a stronger result.  This law also relates to the Law of One, in which, collectively we can achieve harmony and a higher vibrational rate.

14. The Law of ResistanceThe more you resist, the more resistance you receive. Fear is the base of resistance and is connected to your Karma.  By releasing your fear (resistance), you change your perspective and stop its influence on your life.  This law states clearly that until you release your fear, you will be forced to deal with it until you have learned and begin to incorporate the Law of Conscious Detachment in your life.

15. The Law of AttractionYou attract what you concentrate on and what you hold within you, your thoughts and emotions.  By concentrating on negativity (bad relationships, weight gain, debt, health issues and so on) it is said you will attract the like to you.  If you are feeling negative, you will act negatively. It can be heard in your voice, seen in your body language and presented to those around you.  Your vibrational rate changes and you begin drawing from the collective conscious rather than supporting it.  Like the ripples in a pond, you will be forced back and forth through negativity until you find a way to achieve harmony.  Both aspects of this law, the negative and the positive, have no time frame on them, there is no way to know how quickly or long it will take for the attraction to occur.  Negative concentration and emotions are stronger by nature and therefore may occur swiftly, yet positive concentration and emotions tend to create a stronger trail behind them giving you the momentum to achieve a greater outcome and attract what you desire with extreme purpose and positive energy. 

16. The Law of ReflectionWhat you see in others, that which attracts you to others, either negatively or positively are traits you recognize in yourself (this is why these traits stand out so obviously, so that you can see them).  This law is meant to assist and teach you in understanding, creating and expressing unconditional love, by letting go of your fear and resistance.  
(1.) What you admire within others, exists within you also; 
(2.) What you resist and react to strongly can be found within you or is something you are afraid exists within you;  
(3.) What you resist in your own life you detest when you see it in the lives of others or in how they act.  
The goal of this law is to help you rise above your fears by recognizing them and changing your perception.

17. The Law of Unconditional LoveUnconditional love allows us to accept others and ourselves without judgment or expectations.  Unconditional love is not romantic or intimate love, it is pure and not wanton.  Pure acceptance does not precede or demand change.  Demanding change is an aspect of fear and must be released in order to achieve harmony and obtain unconditional love.  Through this law and our actions we can obtain that which we desire, a positive result.

18. The Law of Magnetic AffinitiesBefore we are born or reincarnate, we decide upon what experiences we will have in our life.  We choose what souls we will interact with, our personality, abilities, timing for certain events and our strengths and weaknesses.  It is said that we choose our birth time based upon astrological influences and that our life information is housed within our brain.  We only use up to ten (10) percent of our brain, when our brains capabilities are two hundred thousand (200,000) times more than the most technologically advanced computer ever built.  It is possible to tap into this infinite resource of information through the use of the Laws of the Universe as we begin to truly see life for what it is, an opportunity to expand and achieve enlightenment.

19. The Law of AbundanceOnce you understand that you are connected collectively to everyone and the universe, you realize that you have a divine birth-right to have or obtain anything you want.  Our fears and resistance revolt against us when we think of what we want or desire.  By accepting the truth that you are a part of everything and that everything is a part of you, you can request for and obtain that which you desire, with unconditional love, wisdom, grace, compassion and gratitude swiftly.  

20. The Law of Divine OrderThere are no accidents, only mistakes made out of fear and disharmony due to karma and actions.  You translate your energy into actions (thoughts, words, emotions and deeds [dharma]) and your actions create your experiences.  We will also be presented with the actions and energy of others through our environment, in which we can utilize in order to achieve personal harmony, balance and begin to give unconditional love to assist our collective conscious in raising our vibrational rate.  If a majority of souls are filled with anger, (September 11, 2001. 9/11), we will inevitably experience war.  We not only have individual karma, but we as a group have karma.  The dominant traits we exhibit as a group (mankind) will resolve with karmic consequences, either positive or negative.

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